L'essence des Notes Paris - A Brand Concept and a Global Identity Created by Dragon Rouge

L'essence des Notes Paris: A Brand Concept and a Global Identity Created by Dragon Rouge

L'essence des Notes - Paris is a new brand targeting an audience of both men and women that combines the elegance and know-how of French haute parfumerie with a resolutely contemporary lifestyle. L'essence des notes is a range of 9 light yet tenacious eaux de parfum that embrace the entire olfactory family of fragrances, created by master perfumers from Grasse from a palette of natural essences of citrus, flowers, wood and spice, giving birth to original, subtle aromas each characterized by their own inimitable personality.

Fragrance & Beaute Française called on the expertise of Dragon Rouge to develop its brand concept and global identity with a view to creating a brand personality and a creative expression capable of meeting the objectives of a selective dual distribution channel via pharmacies.

In addition to creating the brand's personality, the agency designed the bottles and finalized the packaging design to express the combination of two opposing notes - grapefruit/basil, lavender/rosemary, coriander/cedar wood, etc. - and also produced the principal communications media (posters, leaflets, etc.), giving the range the underlying consistency that represents the true strength of major brands.

L'essence des Notes - Paris is now commercially available in France and is currently being launched both in Europe and in the international market: North and South America, the Asia/Pacific region and the Middle East.

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