Martell Chooses Dragon Rouge to Create the Packaging Design for Its Ultra-Premium Cognac

Martell Chooses Dragon Rouge to Create the Packaging Design for Its Ultra-Premium Cognac

Already one of the world's leading brands of cognac and enjoying growing success in Asia, Martell is actively pursuing its strategy of expanding its presence in the world of luxury goods. For this reason, the company has decided to launch an ultra-premium product designed to embody the very essence of Martell cognacs and express the spirit of the brand among a target of exclusive connoisseurs.

L'Or de Martell will be competing against the most luxurious cognacs to become Martell's sublime "more than perfect" product.

To give full expression to the brand's noble pedigree, Martell entrusted Dragon Rouge with the privilege of creating not only a packaging design for this ultra-premium product but also a narrative about the brand, which has been a loyal partner of the agency for many years, having already entrusted Dragon Rouge with the task of creating the new, highly successful market positioning for its XO product.

Three major challenges guided the creative research carried out by Dragon Rouge: Adopt the codes used by ultra-premium cognacs, Address extremely demanding consumers who share different cultural backgrounds (Russia, USA, China) yet who all delight in showing off their status and distinction.

Lastly, remain consistent with the values defended by Martell and expressed in the other products in the range.

Based on a unique product that is exceptional in all respects and epitomizes the quintessence of the know-how acquired and developed by the brand for more than 250 years, the agency decided to make L'Or de Martell the fulfillment of the inventive and determined quest of Jean Martell to create his magnus opus.

For Dragon Rouge, this cognac draws its inspiration from a golden age in which exceptional know-how is wedded with ornamental elegance to give visible expression to perfect harmony. The agency proceeded to work around the concept of the Golden Number, leading the designers to imagine a bottle fashioned from pure crystal in which the precious liquid is concentrated in a single droplet suspended from an arch decorated by "Martell" arabesques in gold. The stopper, which also bears graphic elements comprising the Martell name, completes this ensemble with its semi-circular shape that both complements and enhances the balance of the object's extremely voluptuous curves.

This bottle is the epitome of a creative and technical feat, the fruit of close collaboration with the Cristallerie de Sèvres glassworks.

And to crown it all, the bottle is presented in a casket that expresses the true sophistication of the brand (mole coloured textile with a metallic finish, decorated with the identity of L'Or de Martell).

With L'Or de Martell, Dragon Rouge combines its expertise in product innovation with its mastery of the very special codes prevailing in the world of high luxury.

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