The Dogs and the Bakery - Crumpled Dog Designs Euphorium Bakery's New Brand Identity

The Dogs and the Bakery: Crumpled Dog Designs Euphorium Bakery's New Brand Identity

London based design studio Crumpled Dog was appointed by Euphorium Bakery to create a clear and confident brand identity which would coincide with the opening of their newest bakery on Upper Street in spring 2009.

Rising to the challenge with gusto and recognising that the design needed to tug at the heart as well as the head of the consumer, Crumpled Dog created a warm, modern British identity evoking the rustic simplicity of the Euphorium brand.

Nothing but the finest and freshest ingredients goes into the baked goods at Euphorium, and nothing but the best and freshest design went into their brand.

"The identity is a move on from Euphorium's previous incarnations capturing the Britishness of Baking and emphasising the warm spirit the brand wishes to encapsulate," said Christian Stanley, director at Crumpled Dog.

Using a colour palette of modern but organic tones the visual branding developed includes; logo, signage, packaging, menus, interior artwork and more.

Taking cues from organic textures and taste to create a sensory experience that conjures a feeling of euphoria - upon arrival customers will step into an urban village, rich with colour and steeped with a comforting atmosphere which welcomes them in with open arms.

Crumpled Dog provides comprehensive creative & imaginative services specialising in brand development and corporate image for large and small businesses in all industries, helping them to connect with their customers, build brand value and succeed.

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