Hennessy Black - Curius Agency Designs a New Facet for Maison Hennessy

Hennessy Black: Curius Agency Designs a New Facet for Maison Hennessy

It is the first time the brand reaches such extremes between product and design, while making sure to remain true to its identity. Hennessy Black is a celebration of contrasts, which will arouse all five senses.

Hennessy Black is Maison Hennessy's new gem, world premiering exclusively on the American market in 2009. An innovation that already appears as a new nightlife icon.

Looking for a modern and sexy design to shape this different, major project, Hennessy entrusted Curius to take up the challenge. The newly created bottle is a one of a kind product resulting from the fusion of jewellery, fashion and liquor codes, at the crossroad of trends and heritage. Curius imagined an alchemy of elegance and sophisticated power following the brand's DNA. The agency designed the bottle as a premium accessory interpreting all components of the brand's identity, but also expressing a new one that was previously unexplored. In line with the brief, Curius has created the perfect design for a product that indubitably reflects Hennessy, while still remainging truly unique.

A glossy black cover allows the bottle to better catch the light. The new hot-pressed silver logo block emphasizes the stylized armoured arm. The top of the bottle represents a black chainmail armour on a gun-metal background, which perfectly suits the shape of the metallic cap. The 1785 matt black medallion has been redesigned and the informative back label is silk screen printed. The result is a subtle mix of matt and shiny, power and seduction, refinement and delicacy to enjoy in a variety of situations, and embodying the new HENNESSY BLACK legend.


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