RIBA Launches New HostPractice Scheme to Help Students

RIBA Launches New HostPractice Scheme to Help Students

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) today launches a new scheme aimed at helping architecture students and graduates who are unable to find suitable work placements in the current economic climate.

Called HostPractice, the scheme enables RIBA student members and graduates access to a national online network of practices and universities interested in hosting students in their office.

These students will have the opportunity to utilise the practice's facilities to work on entries for competitions, private commissions and research, as well as being offered an overview of practice activities.

The scheme also intends to introduce graduates to universities that have identified suitable research projects related to the practice of architecture, with the potential for offering fellowships to suitable candidates.

This research may be eligible for recording on the PEDR as post part 1 practical experience.

"The current recession is deeply troubling to students and graduates of architecture; however, HostPractice offers a means for committed graduates to remain in close touch with practices and universities, exchanging experience and developing collective strategies to combat economic downturn," said RIBA Director of Education David Gloster.

"The RIBA cannot offer leverage on the global economy, but this programme allows a new network of professional opportunities to develop, and offer graduates optimism for a sustainable future."

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