Sollos - Shining Corona Highlights Home and Office

Sollos: Shining Corona Highlights Home and Office

Technical expertise and a typical German, Bauhaus-inspired visual vocabulary are the trademarks of The Saxon lighting manufactory now adds another highlight to its program, which combines strict minimalist design with compelling decorative qualities: "Sollos" is the name of the new lighting family, for which designer Ralf Brenner strips down his design to the pure luminaire - a compact, energy-efficient ring-shaped fluorescent lamp - only adding very few intricate details. Sollos comprises a complete lighting family for private living as well as the offices and public areas. Lamp socket and base plate can be ordered with white, anthracite and matt black coating. Typical characteristics of the series are its red details, as for instance the aluminium dimmer at the centre of the socket, which allows adjusting the light intensity from bright beams to a diffuse-cosy glowing.

Sollos shines with decorative qualities in many areas; e.g. as a single lamp at reception areas, meeting places, arrayed or grouped in generous spaces: The diffuse radiating corona hovers weightlessly on top of the aluminium base, which is supported either by a steel post or suspended by a tool-free adjustable steel cord. The compact, energy-efficient ring-shaped fluorescent lamp at the centre of the light is dimmable and can easily be replaced. The set of five different lighting types, the Sollos includes compelling decorative solutions for every interior situation: The floor lamp distributes sophisticated and discreet light, the pendant lamp with its mysterious corona adds a visually powerful highlight to any room.

The lamp socket as well as the aluminium base is available with a white, anthracite or black powder-coat. On request, non-glare panes can be ordered for the entire light family. The whole Sollos family was designed by Ralf Brenner from Zschopau near Chemnitz: "The ring-shaped luminaire was the inspiring idea for the Sollos family. Aim of the design-process was to develop a lighting series that combines technical sophistication with utmost minimalism. Through its intricate structure and the warm shine of its light ring, the Sollos family discreetly matches al kinds of interior styles. Every lighting type provides an individual light solution."

The Sollos family adds to the range of idl products created in collaboration with renown designers: The design of ring-shaped pendant light "Airflite" was designed Berlin-based architecture- and design-office KINZO. This co-operative product development and design reflects the corporate philosophy of From IDEA to DESIGN to LIGHT - a fusion of innovation and creativity with lighting know- how and outstanding German craftsmanship.

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