Buildings Matter - RIBA Unveils Its Manifesto for Architecture

Buildings Matter: RIBA Unveils Its Manifesto for Architecture

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) will unveil its manifesto for architecture, Buildings Matter, at the first of its party conference events on Tuesday 22 September 2009. Designed to reinforce the vote-winning potential of sound architectural policies, the document also challenges the current and future Government to understand that good design, and an improved planning system, is vital to the health and sustainability of our communities.

The RIBA manifesto calls for:

- 4 million homes to be retrofitted within the lifetime of the next parliament.
- The introduction of smart energy meters in every building and the publication of carbon bills by energy companies.
- Minimum design standards to be introduced for all public buildings including post-occupancy evaluation.
- The same minimum space, design and environmental standards to apply to all new homes, whether they are privately or publicly funded.
- More support for Local Authorities to encourage good spaces and places.

"Well designed and sustainable buildings are fundamental to the quality of our lives and have been shown to have a positive effect on our health and well-being," said Ruth Reed, RIBA President. "It is important that future governments realise that to see the health and social benefits of good spaces and places, and achieve good value for the taxpayer, we need to ensure that we build high quality buildings. Successive generations will judge our efforts and experience the value of good design and its integral role in meeting our carbon targets.

The RIBA is urging the three main political parties to adopt our policies in their own manifestos for a general election. We will be taking our challenging manifesto to the major party conferences, and reiterating the importance of good design to present and future policymakers in the run-up to the general election."


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