RIBA Commissions Independent Research on Regulation and Registration of Architects

RIBA Commissions Independent Research on Regulation and Registration of Architects

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has appointed Sir Christopher Ball to carry out an independent research project into the future of regulation and registration of the architects' profession.

This research will review the way registration of the profession is currently carried out, consider the benefits and drawbacks of the current regulations for the consumer and the professional practitioner, and propose alternative sustainable models for regulation and registration. It forms part of the RIBA's ongoing commitment to serve the public interest, foster consumer confidence, transparency, fairness and freedom for the development of the profession.

Sir Christopher will consult widely with prominent organisations in the architecture profession as part of the project, including the Architects Registration Board (ARB) and the Standing Conference of Heads of Schools of Architecture (SCHOSA), to provide an objective industry-wide perspective on the issue. The report is due for completion in December 2009.

"This research project is very much in line with recent reviews undertaken by other professions, including law, medicine and accountancy, and the research published earlier this year by Spada examining the state of British Professions Today, which considered the role of the professions in the UK in the context of the changing political, economic, social and technological landscape," said Ruth Reed, RIBA President. "It also follows a similar review the RIBA commissioned on discipline and complaint procedures lead by Jodi Berg. Whatever the outcome of the next General Election, it is likely that the question of deregulation will feature on the political agenda. For these reasons, the RIBA has decided that it is an appropriate time to review whether the current model of regulation and registration of architects is necessary and proportionate; and whether it meets the needs of both the profession and the public. We are pleased that Sir Christopher will be working with us on this project, and look forward to his findings at the end of the year."


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