DAY Amsterdam Designs Europe's First Nike Sportswear Store, Paris

DAY Amsterdam Designs Europe's First Nike Sportswear Store, Paris

DAY Creative Business Partners in Amsterdam has designed the first Nike Sportswear pilot store in Europe. The store, opening in Paris this month, is the first of a series throughout Europe launched by Nike Sportswear, a new division of Nike.

The new Nike Sportswear collection is based on timeless sports apparel and shoes, with a brand identity which includes images of classic gyms, well-used equipment, and urban environments. DAY's brief was to push the existing US conceptual retail style further, using the location - an old bookstore in the heart of Paris' Le Marais district - to influence the concept.

"The heritage of the building itself directly influenced the concept development," said Gesina Roters, Creative Partner. "The store had been left closed but intact for more than 40 years, so we were able to use traces of wear and tear - such as the floor, which had been repaired but not restored - to our advantage. The result is a store which balances heritage with a modern contemporary twist in sports performance."

As the first of its kind in Europe, the store is a high-visibility example of DAY's creative business solutions and interdisciplinary design expertise.

The retail and interior design concept for Nike EMEA is headed up by Creative Partner Gesina Roters and Managing Partner Louk de Sevaux, with Mette Hoekstra (design).

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