Tom Blackett - Siegel+Gale Appoints High Profile Chairman for Expanding UK Office

Tom Blackett: Siegel+Gale Appoints High Profile Chairman for Expanding UK Office

Global brand consultancy Siegel+Gale announced today that it has appointed Tom Blackett as Chairman of its UK office. Mr. Blackett was formerly Group Deputy Chairman of Interbrand, and spent 25 years with the company working in all areas of corporate and product brand development for clients throughout the world.

"We have built an outstanding team of talented people in London who are doing world-class work for our clients in Europe and the Middle-East. Tom's arrival bolsters this still further," said Alan Siegel, Chairman and Founder of Siegel+Gale. "There are few people in the world that have his depth of experience in brand matters. Tom's thought leadership and expertise are visible in the books he has published, the conferences he has spoken at, and in the High Court, where he is a highly regarded expert witness in disputes involving brands."

Over its 40-year history, Siegel+Gale has demonstrated that successful brands live or die through the customer experience they deliver, and that this extends far beyond advertising or communications. Siegel+Gale's "Simple is Smart" philosophy means they are able to create brands which are both crystal clear in their meaning and relevance to customers, and which their clients are able to bring to life through the whole customer experience. This pragmatism has been at the core of their recent success.

"Building coherent brands that deliver business impact has become extremely difficult, and we see that brand consulting is changing," added Fred Burt, Managing Director of Siegel+Gale in the UK. "Tom has been in the industry long enough to know the difference between strong effective brand building and the expensive, inefficient navel gazing that are the hallmarks of too many so-called brand consulting assignments. We're thrilled he's chosen to join us at this exciting point in our development."

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