Branding Design Consultancies

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  1. Nude Brand Creation

    Nude Brand Creation

    Nude Brand Creation is a branding and design consultancy. Based in Old Street, London, it was born in 2003 out of a desire to do things differently.

  2. Siegel+Gale


    Siegel+Gale is a brand strategy, design, and experience firm. With unlimited imagination and dedication to the facts, we build brands that cut through the clutter-and unlock success for our clients.

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    Sullivan NYC

    Sullivan NYC is a multi-disciplinary brand engagement firm dedicated to connecting customers to brands at the very moments they're likely to make decisions.

  4. Elmwood


    Elmwood is the world's most effective brand design consultancy, having won more Design Effectiveness Awards than anyone else in the competition's 23-year history. These awards recognise the commercial success of design strategy.

  5. Biles Hendry

    Biles Hendry

    Biles Hendry is an independent brand and design consultancy, founded in 2004 by Anthony Biles. Anthony has created some of the world's most enduring brand identities, including Amazon. The agency offers a tight-knit, hands-on team, guaranteeing the highest level of creative experience and management on every project.

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    BSUR (Be As You Are) is an inspiring advertising agency based in Amsterdam.

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    Eat Creative

    Eat is a Tokyo-based creative branding agency specialising in brand development and communications solutions for companies that require international insight and methodology.

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    HMKM is an award winning, internationally acclaimed design consultancy based in London's Soho.

  9. Studio Blackburn

    Studio Blackburn

    Established in 2011, Studio Blackburn is a brand design consultancy based in London that works everywhere. Its aim is to produce creative work that is beautiful, effective and pragmatic as well as fit for purpose in our rapidly evolving digital world.

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    Goldstein Group

    The Goldstein Group is a strategic design consultancy that breathes new life into America's most beloved brands by generating consumer reappraisal and rediscovery. Our extraordinarily diverse, inspired and talented team combines a disciplined approach to mining insights with a design sensibility for brand heritage.

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    For the last thirty years, Lambie-Nairn has been bringing brands to life that emotionally connect with audiences and deliver business success. Pioneers in the world of branding and identity, they've launched some of the biggest brands in the world, winning awards and redefining genres along the way.

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    Kaldor creates influential brands and fosters sustainable organizational growth. Independently owned and founded in 1996, our success is the direct result of attracting the finest creative and strategic talent. Kaldor is a collaborative and dedicated team, formed to realize the potential of our clients.

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    Crosby Associates

    Crosby Associates are specialists in planning and designing corporate and marketing identification, branding, and communication programs.

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    Toniq, New York City, takes brand development into a new dimension through a proprietary "Brand Effervescence" process that brings brands to life. Toniq develops names, positioning and brand essence concepts for leading marketers including: Gillette, Pepsi, Unilever, Kraft, Target, Nestle Purina, GSK among others. Each project approach is tailored to specific brand needs and may include ethnographic research, trend studies and creative solutions sessions.

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    IC Design

    IC Design is a creative communications agency fusing great design with exceptional technical skills. On every project, we identify and infuse that extra bit of magic, elevating the ordinary into the extraordinary.

  16. Bloommiami


    Bloommiami is a commercial design and brand consultancy that creates complete harmony with intelligently designed and emotionally stimulating environments that are executed with an educated understanding and prime interest in the consumer experience.

  17. Lippincott


    Lippincott is a leading brand strategy and design firm with a 70-year heritage crafting authentic stories, memorable experiences and winning strategies for the world's most iconic brands. Its expertise spans all aspects of brand building including strategy, identity design, environmental branding, customer experience management and brand activation.

  18. Siegelvision


    Siegelvision is a brand identity consultancy created by industry pioneer Alan Siegel that helps clients achieve clarity of purpose, expression, and experience.

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    pi Global

    pi is an independent, global branding and design consultancy. We focus on providing our clients with branding and design solutions that connect brands with consumers faster, longer and more robustly than their competitors.

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    Sterling Brands

    Sterling Brands is a leading, independently owned branding consultancy with offices in New York, San Francisco and London. Launched in 1992, the firm now has 100 professionals who focus on brand strategy and brand design to develop fresh, inspiring, quality work. Sterling Brands' clients range from AOL and Avon to PepsiCo and Pfizer, to Time Warner, MTV Networks, and Sony.

  21. Loovvool


    Founded in 2004 by creative director Hannes Unt, Loovvool is a boutique creative agency, developing brands and concepts for high businesses.

  22. Brandpie


    Brandpie is an independent strategic brand consultancy, specializing in purpose-driven ideas that transform businesses, cultures and brands. Established in 2008, Brandpie works with organizations large and small, from multi-nationals to start-ups. Combining creativity and commercialism, Brandpie offers a unique perspective on client challenges and a reputation for building brands that drive performance.

  23. Garden


    Garden, formerly Rareform Branding, is a branding company and design communications specialist based in London and Dubai. A consultancy that offers brand strategy through to brand creation and implementation.

  24. Supafrank


    Supafrank is a design and brand consultancy led by Founder and Creative Director Katie Steel. They design and develop branding, products and print that are packed with personality.

  25. Stand Out

    Stand Out

    Stand Out is an experienced brand strategy & design studio based in Manchester.

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    Anthem Worldwide

    Anthem Worldwide is a branding and design community fueled by strategic design intelligence and objectivity: a passion for discovery, a commitment to business success, and the expertise to make it happen. Anthem's integrated global network provides innovative solutions to articulate, unify and manage brand impact to create compelling and consistent brand experiences.

  27. TUSOW


    TUSOW is a fully integrated creative agency based in London. We're all about ideas and strategies that spark change and growth in our clients' businesses - what's better is that we can actualize them from start to finish.

  28. Studio Bennü

    Studio Bennü

    Studio Bennü is a creative studio based in London. We build brands that connect. We believe bold ideas, powerful storytelling and original design creates an unparalleled connection between consumers and brands.

  29. Wonder


    Wonder helps clients create brands that transform business. We combine brand & innovation consulting with creative branding & design services. We work with local & international clients and we are based in Helsinki, Finland.