Siegel+Gale Designs New Brand/Visual Identity for Phoenix House

Siegel+Gale Designs New Brand/Visual Identity for Phoenix House

Siegel+Gale has completed a brand revitalization project for Phoenix House, one of the country's leading non-profit drug and alcohol addiction, prevention, and treatment organizations.

The new identity debuted on the Phoenix House Website on October 21.

Siegel+Gale designed a new "Wings of Hope" logo to depict the Phoenix House mission, "Rising Above Addiction."

"The new Phoenix House visual identity sends a message that is both aspirational and real," said Alan Siegel, Chairman and CEO of Siegel+Gale, which did the visual identity design on a pro bono basis.

"It showcases the Phoenix House values of compassion, commitment, optimism, expertise, and collaboration."

"We are doing difficult and important work helping individuals recover and remove the stigma of addiction," added Howard Meitiner, President and CEO of Phoenix House.

"Siegel+Gale's beautiful design and their grounding in simplified communications and real language help immeasurably in conveying our message to people who need our help."

The logo consists of three components: "Wings of Hope" highlight strength and responsibility, support, and freedom - the layering of the wings and their warm, positive colors symbolize the compassion and caring that lead to recovery in the Phoenix House community.

The Phoenix House name, in Rotis Serif typeface, is the foundation from which the wings take flight above the tagline "Rising Above Addiction."

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