Designit Expands with New Office in London

Designit Expands with New Office in London

Designit is expanding its international presence with the opening a new office in London.

The move secures Designit eight locations in seven countries, making it one of Europe's largest and most international strategic design consultancies.

Designit London intends to break the mould of the current consultancy offering in the UK, currently dominated by agencies specialising in just one or two disciplines, often in a specific sector.

Designit's multidisciplinary approach, enabled by integrated teams of specialists in London and the group as a whole, delivers a truly holistic offering - combining product and pack, interface and instructions, service and brand.

In the current economic climate, this approach enables businesses to compete - as cost-efficiently as possible - in an increasingly convergent and user-centric market that focuses on the entire brand value experience, rather than the product alone.

"After years of increasing specialisation within the UK design industry, we believe there is now a unique opportunity to break the mould," says Jim Dawton, Partner, Designit London, adding that the consultancy's Scandinavian soul and pan-European presence will offer a fresh, non UK-centric perspective.

The credit crunch has enabled this change, converging technologies are encouraging it and competition demands it.

Efficiency, transparency and simplicity are going to be increasingly important drivers in the age of austerity we are entering.

As agents of change ourselves, we couldn't resist the challenge!"


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