Lexus Engages ATTIK to Support Global Launch of Much-Anticipated LFA Supercar

Lexus Engages ATTIK to Support Global Launch of Much-Anticipated LFA Supercar

Attendees of the recent 2009 Tokyo Motor Show and automotive enthusiasts worldwide were thrilled to witness the launch of the 2011 Lexus LFA. The brand's top executives proudly revealed the production version of the long-awaited supercar, which will begin shipping the first of its 500 total units - representing the most expensive vehicles in the brand's history - in 2011. Lexus also debuted the new vehicle's marketing materials, created by global creative agency ATTIK.

"ATTIK was able to take the essence of LFA and demonstrate it in visual terms, encapsulating both its world-class performance, as well as its contemporary design aesthetic and extensive customization potential," confirmed an executive for Lexus.

In 2008, cross-media creative content from ATTIK successfully introduced the Lexus IS F high-performance sedan, the first production model to wear the brand's new "F" marque. Lexus then selected ATTIK to create all the marketing materials to launch the LFA. The LFA marks a special milestone for the Lexus brand: a new flagship atop the F portfolio, the LFA brings a distinctively different flavor to Lexus, where each unit will epitomize the Lexus performance brand.

Under the direction of ATTIK co-founder and creative director Simon Needham, ATTIK's team worked closely with Lexus over the past year to develop a multi-stage marketing campaign. "The LFA is a mind-shifter -- a product we fully expect to expand perceptions of the Lexus brand," he began. "Just seeing the LFA is something most guys of any age will get excited about. In our materials, we show how stunning the LFA is to look at, and we also demonstrate what a monster it is on the race track."

The LFA's marketing toolset begins with a feature-laden website developed by ATTIK to live on a dedicated channel at During the first phase, along with a poignant brand-film, downloadable rich-media content, and a wealth of information on the vehicle's impressive specs and its painstaking development process, the site also features what is widely considered to be the most comprehensive 3D configurator ever built. By choosing from 30 colors and up to 22 interior color options across eight customizable elements, visitors can instantly view and download customized LFAs with full 360-degree exterior views. Millions of custom combinations are possible.

"All the work, effort and energy reflected in the LFA will impact every future product to come from Lexus at some level," added Needham, "and we're very proud to have earned the opportunity to bring our unique design aesthetics and broad capabilities to bear on such an innovative and important project."


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