Jack Daniel's Label Story Campaign from Arnold Boston Draws on Brand New School

Jack Daniel's Label Story Campaign from Arnold Boston Draws on Brand New School

Brand New School announced the debut of their latest project work, a cross-media campaign for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey. Conceived and managed by top brand executives with the creative and account teams at the Boston offices of advertising agency Arnold Worldwide and Louisville based Brown-Forman Corporation, the "Label Story" campaign features cinema/broadcast spots and arena executions for exhibition at select major sporting events, all of which were created by Brand New School. Among these elements, the cinema/broadcast spots spot "Old No. 7," recently debuted in high-profile cable and broadcast outlets. Two additional spots, "Tennessee" and "Proud" are to follow soon after.

Resolving at the end on the "What the label doesn't tell you, a sip will" tag line, each new spot literally takes the brand's iconic, ornate label artwork on a lyrical, cinematic journey to visually explore legendary Jack Daniel's folklore. "Within the label's calligraphic, high contrast, etching-inspired imagery, some of the brand's most compelling stories are presented in a moving narrative context," said Brand New School founder and creative director Jonathan Notaro, who directed the spots.

"Arnold had a really strong sense of where they wanted to be with these stories, where the brand's unique artwork and filigree come to life stylistically. We really enjoyed being able to work together from the early stages to bring the agency's vision to life."

With Brand New School's reputation for creating powerful experiential and interactive content expanding rapidly, Notaro and his colleagues are also very proud that the look created for this campaign's cinema/TV ads is penetrating other advertising spaces, to include the arena executions.

"There's a lot of mutual respect between us and our friends at Arnold," Notaro concluded. "From this trust and understanding came some great work."

For Arnold Boston, credit goes to chief creative officer Pete Favat, creative directors Wade Devers and Wade Paschall, associate creative directors Lee Walters and Chad Leitz, executive producer Billy Near, assistant producer Reaghan Puleo, account director Chris Ferko and business manager Maria Rougvie.

Along with Jonathan Notaro, the team from Brand New School consisted of art directors Mario Stipinovich and Eric Concepcion, designers Ricardo Villavicencio, Stephen Kelleher and Emmett Dzieza, CG lead Vadim Turchin, 3D animators Eric Concepcion, Han Ho, Mike Garcia, Walter Lubinski, Kim Kehoe, Andre Salyer, Carmine Laietta, Adam Rosenzweig, Dave LoGiudice and John Kalagian, 2D animator Stieg Retlin, storyboard artist Will Rosado, compositors Eric Concepcion, Dave LoGiudice and Michal Finegold, executive producer Danny Rosenbloom, head of production Devin Brook, producers Toby Sowers and Mike Sullo, and production coordinator Ilona Klaver.

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