Sagmeister and BNS Energize EDP

Sagmeister and BNS Energize EDP

Brand New School collaborated with international graphic design icon Stefan Sagmeister for EDP Renovaveis, the renewable energy subsidiary of Energias de Portugal (EDP) and one of the world's largest and fastest growing wind energy companies.

Sagmeister has recently created and introduced a strikingly fresh brand identity for EDP. To help introduce it throughout Portugal and beyond, Sagmeister teamed with BNS to develop an animated storyline using the brand new illustrative visual language. The resulting :60 commercial debuted last week on broadcast and cable television in Lisbon, Portugal, and along with many shorter versions, it is set to continue airing widely across the country and Europe for many weeks to come.

"It was such a pleasure to see the identity we created together with EDP become alive through the magic of Brand New School, not only were the results lovely but the process getting there also absolutely enjoyable," Sagmeister said.

For BNS, the project team featured founder and executive creative director Jonathan Notaro, art director Christopher Palazzo, executive producer Devin Brook, producer Derek Macleod and an illustrious team of designers and artists. The animation workflow involved creating vivid illustrated scenes from EDP's new branding identity created by Sagmeister art director and designer Jessica Walsh along with others created by BNS. "Bringing life-like behavior to the deceptively simple geometric system created by Sagmeister, Inc. was a fun challenge," Palazzo explained. "The scope of this system is absolutely astounding. A graphic system this rich and smart can do anything, as shown in the final piece. Stefan and his team were an absolute dream to work with."

"This collaboration with Sagmeister Inc. is special," Notaro added. "Obviously he is a design god, and as fans of his work over the years we were all super excited with this collaboration, and looking forward to the next one!"

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