AOL Brand Identity Created by Wolff Olins

AOL Brand Identity Created by Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins unveiled AOL's new brand identity at The New York Stock Exchange. Following its recent spin-off from Time Warner, AOL is now listed as a standalone company. In order to signal to the world its transition from access provider to 21st century media company, AOL partnered with Wolff Olins to create their new brand identity.

Today's AOL is a top Internet media property with over 80m unique users consuming original AOL content. The new brand created by Wolff Olins is designed to highlight this content commitment as AOL moves forward. The identity serves as shorthand for the strategy, the AOL wordmark is revealed by a world of exciting content; fluid and flexible the identity adapts to its environment. Deliberately disruptive and deliberately unlike what is being done by other online media businesses, it is designed for an environment where media is no longer broadcast, but rather is discovered through fragmented, non-linear conversations.

"We have a new mission: To inform, entertain, and connect the world - not with more of the same but with extraordinary content experiences," said Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO AOL. "This is an ambitious mission but we believe the Internet needs better quality content. We have a lot of work to do, but we are hiring and developing the best creative talent in the world and we are focused on our mission of bringing world class content experiences and products to our consumer

The brand will raise the bar for AOL to present new innovations and new content experiences to the world. "In a world where people believe what you do and not what you say, it is these new experiences that will define this brand and people's perceptions of it", said Karl Heiselman, Wolff Olins' CEO.

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