Wolff Olins Rebrands Understood

Wolff Olins Rebrands Understood

In the United States, 1 in 5 people live with learning and/or thinking differences (such as dyslexia and ADHD) while 1 in 4 people have some type of disability. Social impact organization Understood partnered with Wolff Olins for a new identity that visualizes its mission of 'Shape the World For Difference.'

Along with inclusive color palettes and motion design elements meeting the highest standards of accessibility, the rebrand features different shapes shifting around the signature 'U' logo -- representing how those in family, education, and workplace settings can be empowered with Understood's online resources and support.

The overall effort was led by Wolff Olins, sonic identity spearheaded by Listen, custom UnderstoodSans typeface from the Wolff Olins team and Martin VĂ¡cha, and illustrations brought to life from the Wolff Olins team and Ka Young Lee.

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