Sennheiser Introduced a New Corporate Design

Sennheiser Introduced a New Corporate Design

Sennheiser's corporate design has evolved. At the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas the audio specialist introduced a new design.

"The new corporate design brings our profile into focus and is an important step within the framework of the brand strategy," said Susanne Seidel, President Global Marketing at Sennheiser.

"Throughout this process it was important for us to ensure Sennheiser's three brand values - premium quality, passion and progression - are reflected even more clearly and further enhance the brand."

The previous "Blue Room", evolved into the "Brand Stage" with the characteristic sweeping S derived from the logo.

A stronger brand and image hierarchy provided more consistency in Sennheiser's overall global identity.

The Hamburg Design Agency Syndicate was responsible for both creative and consultancy work on the project.

The reworked corporate design will gradually be implemented across all of Sennheiser's communication collateral.


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