Peter Sluszka and Youth in Revolt

Peter Sluszka and Youth in Revolt

Peter Sluszka created animation sequences for Miguel Arteta's major motion picture "Youth in Revolt" starring actor Michael Cera. Sluszka worked closely with the director and the actor to create the animation used in the opening title sequence and the end credits. Sluszka also directed Cera in a pixelation sequence where his character, Nick, and his friend, Vijay, go on a road trip. In addition, Sluszka was responsible for recreating hand-drawn lovemaking couples as they leap off the pages of an instructional book in a scene where we see Nick hallucinating.

Shot in New York at Hornet's Brooklyn stage and on location in Michigan, the animation employed several techniques for each section. The opening credits were primarily done with stop motion, with Nick, his mother, and her boyfriend recreated in clay. We follow them as they take a drive to an exotic trailer getaway, barely escaping a gnarly three-headed sailor. The photo cutout road trip with Nick, Vijay, and dog companion, Albert, was shot with props and set pieces against a green screen using a digital still camera.

Youth in Revolt

The stills (in the thousands) were then printed and re-photographed to create the final animation. Sluszka then directed Cera in the hallucinatory lovemaking couples section, with the couples composited in post-production. The couples were drawn and colored by hand in a more traditional 2D style, then added to the live action. Sluszka then used Flash to animate the end credits where we find out what really happens to Nick, his alter ego Francois, and love interest Sheeni.


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