LEGOmania - A New Spot by Guilherme Marcondes for Lego

LEGOmania: A New Spot by Guilherme Marcondes for Lego

"LEGO men, women, robots: the day we were built for has finally come!" proclaims a tiny King to his people. This epic 30 second spot directed by Guilherme Marcondes brings to life plastic figures in a mini Hollywood moment for LEGO. The miniature world Guilherme Marcondes creates feels like a stop motion film, but is crafted entirely in CG. The CG characters for the spot were modeled and textured to look and feel like they are actual photographed LEGO characters.

Seen from the point of view of the LEGO crowd, their King emerges from over a rocky cliff, his cape flowing majestically in the wind. His footsteps echo, announcing his arrival, over the low din of the crowd. The music is heroic and swells as the moment builds. Every squint, look, speck of dust was added to make the scene feel like a fully realized LEGO world come to life.

Gui takes the scale of LEGO and gives it a twist when we see the King raise his spear for his final proclamation. The camera pulls out to reveal that the magnificent moment is quite a bit smaller than expected. We find the to scale LEGO figures are in fact located within a park, a tiny mass that is barely perceptible to the eye.

LEGOmania 01
LEGOmania 02

Shot on location in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the live action footage is used as the backdrop for the spot. Gui cleverly combines the live action plates with the animated LEGO figures to create a spot that feels fully integrated into our world.


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