Hornet Launches Workshop

Hornet Launches Workshop

Hornet announced the launch of Workshop, a division of Hornet for all things handmade. Workshop is designed to focus on work that highlights the artistry and physical craft of Hornet directors.

Peter Sluszka's global campaign Claynation, for Land Rover, proved to be just the right spot to launch Workshop. The Claynation campaign of broadcast, print ads and digital was designed, fabricated and shot over the course of 5 months at the DUMBO stage. The spot used roughly 1.5 tons of clay, with animators brought in from across the country that specialized in claymation animation.

Hornet Workshop

The Land Rover car used in the spot, the only non-clay element in the spot, was dissected, modeled and printed out on a 3D printer. The car, once assembled, functioned realistically from the steering, doors, to the practical headlights. In the campaign, the car is seen driving through many clay environments, with every frame morphed and manipulated, to create the seamless journey from cities to mountains and beyond.