Economists Encourage Businesses to Think Design for Post-recession Recovery

Economists Encourage Businesses to Think Design for Post-recession Recovery

Leading economists are supporting the Design Council's call for businesses to use design to transform how they do business and compete as Britain's industries battle to recover from the effects of the recession.

"Not only has the UK recession been deep, but the recovery is likely to be slow and difficult for many businesses," said Robin Bew, Chief Economist for the Economist Intelligence Unit. "New strategies will be needed to cope, and design thinking is one important technique that firms need to consider when planning for the future."

Vicky Pryce, Joint Head of the Government Economic Service joined the call for businesses to put design at the boardroom table: "UK industry needs to innovate to compete in current global markets. That means it's more important than ever that we help businesses use design to positively impact growth."

Economist Conferences and the Design Council have jointly launched a major business summit to demonstrate how big businesses can put design at the heart of their post-recession strategy.

The Redesigning Business Summit on March 11th and 12th in London will bring together 250 senior business leaders with some of the most influential thinkers in innovative new business models and design-led innovation.

The collaboration - a first for the two organisations - marks a major new drive to get businesses to consider design in a bid to accelerate the economic recovery.

"Now is the time for businesses to seize the opportunity to make a place for design at the boardroom table," said David Kester, Chief Executive of the Design Council. "New thinking is what's needed, and this Summit will make a real difference in helping businesses to look at design afresh as a key business tool."

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