Design Council Releases The Design Economy 2018 Report

Design Council Releases The Design Economy 2018 Report

The Design Council has released the Design Economy 2018, a report on the state of design in the UK, and its value to the economy. The report highlights the impact of design far into the UK economy with the majority of its value (68%) of value generated by designers working in sectors such as banking, aviation and automotive.

However, the report raises concerns that investment and gains from design are becoming too concentrated in London and the south east and that larger, more successful firms, are pulling away from the rest of the economy and benefiting most from design.

"The Design Economy 2018 shows the huge contribution design makes to the UK economy, growing at pace, driving innovation and growth for UK business," commented Sarah Weir OBE, Chief Executive of the Design Council. "Despite this success, the importance of design to the UK is often misunderstood, categorised in narrow sectors and underestimated in its economic importance.

"Yet, the reality couldn't be more different. Design is fundamental to future industry and work. Designers are developing new systems, digital experiences and product innovations that transform our lives and they are working in the highly skilled, productive, robot-proof jobs of the future.

"Design, technology and engineering go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other. It is the combination of skills that is driving the fourth industrial revolution. Yet here in the UK we still under-value design and too many businesses outside London and the south east do not benefit from the growth and innovation it can deliver. This has to change.

"The world is not waiting for us to wake up to the value of design. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, South Korea, Czech Republic and the UAE are all accelerating investment in design. They are the fastest growing exporters of design and outstripping UK investment at pace.

"The vast potential of design remains largely untapped in certain places in the UK. We must match the ambition of other countries and open up access to the wider benefits design brings to more UK firms and a greater diversity of people."

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