Melt Meee - The Fluid Dimension of Light

Melt Meee: The Fluid Dimension of Light

Andromeda presents a new collection of chandeliers with fluid shapes, combining the most refined aspects of hand-made glass with a visionary style: a destabilization of symmetry with grand scenic presence and a delicate light-hearted appearance.

Evocative right from the name, Melt Meee represents a desire for freedom and a precise conceptual choice. Through the fluidity of its silhouettes, the collection interprets the dreams of our era, a time when messages and desires pass through the senses and shapes in the quest for an exuberant and ironic view of reality.

By deconstructing shapes and breaking down volumes, Andromeda goes to the heart of technique and remodels the appearance of an iconic symbol, identifying its essence and transforming it into an ironic and revolutionary gesture.

The collection consists of four models with 3, 8, 16 and 24 lights in seven sophisticated colours designed to exalt the particular technique used to make the elements. The resulting alchemy of colour and shape is so effective that it expresses the identity of the collection- a surprising mixture of technical skill and visionary creativity.

Melt Meee in fact confirms Andromeda's vocation for freedom of expression, refined diversion and a mould-breaking approach to style. The collection was designed in-house, further evidence of the company's characteristic and instantly recognizable visionary ability, discernible not in a single form of expression, but rather in its capacity to interpret the signs and formal requisites of an object, then wholly or partly reinterpret its meanings and structures.

Thanks to the wealth of inflections and references determined by the multiplicity of colours and shapes, Melt Meee sometimes expresses sensuality, sometimes an ironic attitude with dreamlike overtones, sometimes a majestic scenic presence. The collection is thus able to spark dialogues with a wide range of styles and adapt to numerous contexts, from residential settings to hotels and from minimalism to neo-baroque.

Andromeda Murano

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