The Colour of Harmony - Andromeda Presents Sublime

The Colour of Harmony: Andromeda Presents Sublime

Andromeda introduced Sublime, a brand new collection characterized by natural and smooth lines and by a chromatic research defined by welcoming and harmonic suggestions.

Through the gentleness of lines and the exploration of chromatic shades that spread tranquility, the Sublime collection combines the elegance of smooth proportions to an unlimited versatility of space collocation.

Sublime: The Collection and the Launch
Born at the end of 2010 and designed in house, the Sublime collection is initially suggested in the 3 classic, primary lighting types - suspension, table, wall - and in 4 evocative colors (Dilly, Fairy, Eden, Flirt).

Just like every Andromeda collection, each single piece of the Sublime collection is designed and custom made according to the architectural parameters of the space it will be collocated into. The collection's agile dimensions witness the modernity of the artistic research of Andromeda, who once again proves to be able to reinvent the secular tradition of Venice hand made glass into the third millennium. Each piece of the collection is supplied both with candle lights holders and electrical parts, for the personal choice of usage.

Andromeda Murano