Mono Transforms the California Redwood Company Identity

Mono Transforms the California Redwood Company Identity

Mono, a Minneapolis-based branding and advertising agency, has given The California Redwood Company a new brand identity to further establish the 120-year-old company's prominence as the premier outdoor project supplier.

Starting with the logo, mono transformed the company's utilitarian looking design into a West Coast inspired trademark.

The circles, styled as an infinity mark, represent re-growth and sustainability.

The logo is further enhanced with the circles depicted as tree rings, the leaf at the top tying the logo back to the product the company is known for: quality redwood.

The addition of "Since 1890" surrounding the new logo provides a sense of heritage, longevity and expertise.

Mono also revamped the typefaces used in company communications, including letterheads and brochures.

The cleanliness of the new typeface, which brings to mind the California gold rush era, as well as the simplicity of the new logo, makes the brand more relevant in a contemporary space while also tying The California Redwood Company's heritage back to its Californian roots.


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