Studio Lawrence Wins Europe 40 Under 40 Award 2010

Studio Lawrence Wins Europe 40 Under 40 Award 2010

The European Centre for Architecture, Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design announced the selection of the most important emerging European design talent for 2010; this year's 40 Under 40. Amongst the winners of this prestigious award are Studio Lawrence designers Patrick de Louwere and Bart Eijking.

The design duo behind this "hot Dutch company" (Elle Deco) presented the judging panel with their two key furniture products; wall hanging Along These Lines and the Last Supper Table. A strong pair, both pieces are visually stunning, comprised of colorful lined sequences based on the Fibonacci sequence. The intelligence and deeper story behind the design is unlocked through the modular compositions of the pieces. The vertical felt lanes of Along The Lines are hung form a steel rail in a modular system and can fill any size wall space, while The Last Supper Table can grow to any length from its standard 2.10m x 0.96m size, able to transform from a statement dining table to a colourful Conference Room table to a dramatic Banquet Table. The design then takes the modular composition of the pieces a step further. The positions of individual elements forming the lined sequences in both pieces can be changed, producing ever-shifting compositions; dynamic pieces that invite active and creative engagement.

Along These Lines

A subsidiary of Bart and Patrick's architecture firm eijkingdelouwere, Studio Lawrence was launched in 2007 with the Last Supper Table as the brand's seminal piece winning an Interior Design Best Of Year Award in the same year. eijkingdelouwere's projects span right from architecture and urban planning, to interior design and product design. Craftmanship forms the foundation of eijkingdelouwere's work. Keen attention to detail and bold signature style forms a polished, coherent outcome. Studio Lawrence's products combine the designer's fascination with sequences, composition and colour with craftsmanship; all pieces are conceived from original artwork and sketches by Patrick and Bart and use the highest quality in materials and manufacturing.

Studio Lawrence

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