Braun Announces Expansion of its World Recognised BraunPrize

Braun Announces Expansion of its World Recognised BraunPrize

Braun announced that its BraunPrize will undergo a significant expansion and, moving from its recent two year rotation to the former three year rhythm, will return in 2012.

Even since its inception in 1968, the internationally recognised BraunPrize design competition has promoted industrial design and innovative product concepts that were developed with a focus on helping people in all aspects of their life.

The new BraunPrize will bring that sensibility together with P&G's mission to touch and improve the lives of more consumers, in more parts of the world, more completely thereby multiplying the impact on young designers, design enthusiasts and the industry in general.

The evolution of the BraunPrize is being jointly led by Prof. Oliver Grabes, Head of Braun Corporate Design, and Phil Duncan, P&G's Global Design Officer, and will encompass a new submissions process, an increased emphasis on greater accessibility for design interested consumers and a renewed focus to further extend into innovative, emerging markets.

"We are tremendously excited about the prospect of a new BraunPrize in 2012," stated Prof. Oliver Grabes.

"In making some significant changes to the awards process, we are further establishing our commitment to the accessibility of this competition and want to ensure that it not only provides a showcase to those who want to pursue a career in design, but that it also encourages engagement with design for those enthusiasts and professionals outside of an academic context."

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