Drawing Expedition at the British Pavilion, Venice

Drawing Expedition at the British Pavilion, Venice

The Royal Institute of British Architects Trust (RIBA) is organising a Drawing Expedition event which will take place on August 28, 2010 at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Architect Christophe Egret will lead an expedition of 30 people to capture on paper the 30 Pavilions at the Biennale. Sam Jacob of FAT will lead a workshop on "copying" at the British Pavilion. The activities will be followed by a "crit" at the British Pavilion with Liza Fior of muf architecture/art Llp, Professor Joseph Rykwert and Paul Finch. The sketchbooks will then be donated to the British Architectural Library for future reference by students and scholars.

"So often we pass through the Pavilions with casual superficiality," said Christophe Egret. "Through laziness, boredom or exhaustion we experience the exhibitions and their surroundings without really looking. The Drawing Expedition's legacy will be 30 sketchbooks capturing an essence of each national Pavilion at a moment in time."

The event has been supported by the British Council, who have commissioned the British Pavilion of the International Architecture Exhibition in Venice.

There are only 30 places available for this event. Those interested in taking part should secure their place by contacting Anita Smit, RIBA Trust - anita.smit@inst.riba.org, telephone 0207 307 3815. Pens and sketchbooks will be supplied on the day.

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