Flow - MINI Countryman Defies the Laws of Physics in New TV Spot

Flow: MINI Countryman Defies the Laws of Physics in New TV Spot

Early in 2009, MINI was creating a secret new product: a new 4-door, 4-wheel drive, and were looking for an international agency to spearhead their marketing drive. After an international review of agencies, they chose BSUR, an independent, results-orientated marketing consultancy located in Amsterdam. 

The secret project was a totally new model: the Countryman. It drives like a MINI, but it has 4 doors, 4-wheel drive and 4-5 seats. To introduce the new MINI they wanted to break the mould of car advertising and they needed a team that understood the challenge and could make it happen. 
"For 15 years our 'Concepting' philosophy has been spreading the word for international clients," commented Jan Rijkenberg, CEO of BSUR. "The European and global work we did for iconic brands like Davidoff, O'Neill and Wrangler triggered MINI to come to Amsterdam."

BSUR's 360 approach to marketing seems like a perfect fit. The agency has a concentrated creative team based in an old school building in Amsterdam. Staff is chosen for what they can bring to the table. A MINI team was brought together from around the world, including talent from Portugal, Peru, Zimbabwe, and the States. The BSUR team works out of Berlin, Amsterdam and Los Angeles.

Working together from BSUR's Amsterdam hub, the MINI team is headed by Creative Director Jason Schragger. The team found the solution to the creative challenge by creating a classic piece of cinema filled with high-tech computer-generated and cutting-edge film technology.
The solution, shot in downtown Milan and Lake Como, Italy, is the new "Flow" commercial, which highlights the versatility of the MINI Countryman. The spot dramatically demonstrates that getting from Point A to Point B can be done any way you want. The journey is the adventure.

To highlight this, "Flow" shows every passage possible, all at once. To achieve the effect, BSUR worked with director Brian Beletic and Sway Studios in Culver City, California. Using Sway's technology, the team was able to shoot real cars and mix them with computer-generated (CG) cars. The CG cars were driven in the same way as the real thing.

"Flow takes the viewer on a ride from inner city to countryside Italy filled with fun and adventure," explained Jason Schragger, BSUR Creative Director. "Experience the versatility of the perfect car for a getaway - the new MINI Countryman. Alongside "Flow", six new 15-second idents have also been developed. The MINI Countryman has the same MINI values and the short idents are the best way to get that feeling across."

From quick getaways to trips in the snow, each of the 15-second spots lets the viewer in on one more feature. There are Sushi chefs to explain the centre rail, a wall of snow for 4-wheel drive, a child that needs to pee urgently nicely gets the idea of 4 doors across, as does, of course, a stewardess. 
The short idents were shot by Swedish director Robert Jitzmark in London, and will run internationally at various times through the launch phase.


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