RIBA Warns Against Prince's Foundation Design Review Bid

RIBA Warns Against Prince's Foundation Design Review Bid

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has spoken out against the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment's bid to take on the design review role fulfilled by CABE.

"The Prince's Foundation is entirely inappropriately placed for a role which demands complete impartiality when making decisions related to the future of the built environment," said Ruth Reed, RIBA President.

"Good design must not be determined nor constrained by arbitrary stylistic preferences, or the notion of what buildings 'should' look like; good design is simply about delivering both the client and the public's needs within budget, in a way that is appropriate to the building's context.

It has to take full consideration of the aesthetic, future use and technical ambitions and constraints of the client, site and brief.

Design review is one of the most important aspects of CABE's role, and is a way of helping clients and local communities achieve better buildings.

The integrity of the process must be maintained, and therefore it should continue to be delivered independently.

It is something that the RIBA continues to explore with the Government."