Kinetic Vapor - Jackson Convention Complex Unveils Jackson's Newest Work of Public Art

Kinetic Vapor: Jackson Convention Complex Unveils Jackson's Newest Work of Public Art

Commissioners for the Jackson Convention Complex have unveiled Kinetic Vapor, a new work of public art that brings a high tech sense of place to the Jackson Convention Complex.

Kinetic Vapor is an experiential landscape of water vapor inspired by the sultry atmosphere of Mississippi. The artwork is made from aluminum wall panels, reflected natural light, and color-shifting LEDs that span a 100' x 9'6" section of the mezzanine wall overlooking the Jackson Convention Complex's East Lobby. Kinetic Vapor was created by NunoErin, an arts studio from Jackson, MS that is led by Nuno Gonçalves Ferreira and Erin Hayne. Kinetic Vapor was selected as the winning entry from a national art competition to develop site specific artwork for the Jackson Convention Complex.

Kinetic Vapor's elusive image of water vapor was created from thousands of rotated aluminum tabs that reflect ambient light as particular tones of light. As the light conditions in the Jackson Convention Complex change throughout the day, the artwork's luminance values fluctuate, causing the imagery to appear to shift over time.

Kinetic Vapor is a participatory artwork that engages visitors in experiential encounters with light and color. Visitors will discover that the artwork takes on new appearances when seen from the different viewing points within the Jackson Convention Complex. Through the custom ombrae system, visitors can explore how their perspective causes the imagery to fade in and of view and the color to wax and wane.

Kinetic Vapor brings an expressive nighttime signature to the Jackson Convention Complex. At sunset, 100' of programmed LEDs wash the aluminum panels with waves of colorful light inspired by the hues and rhythms of the Mississippi landscape. The evening lighting is created from energy-efficient LEDs that reflect the Jackson Convention Complex's commitment to sustainable design.

This commission celebrates Jackson's identity as a vibrant, progressive community with a contemporary spirit. The Kinetic Vapor artwork will contribute to Jackson's sense of individuality and help generate civic pride in the city's public realm. The artwork's experiential dimensions also provide new mechanisms for citizen engagement with the arts that recognize the Jackson Convention Complex as a community landmark, cultural reference point, and patron of the arts.


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