Autodesk TinkerBox - Making Engineering Fun for Teens

Autodesk TinkerBox: Making Engineering Fun for Teens

Autodesk's new (and free!) education app for the iPad, Autodesk TinkerBox, is designed to spark student interest in engineering. By applying its deep understanding of design engineering principles, Autodesk aims to make science less daunting and more fun for students and future engineers.

Players are challenged to solve mechanical puzzles and physics problems by sketching tools, inserting gadgets and assembling components that invent contraptions to conquer each level. As part of its commitment to educating future engineers and designers, Autodesk additionally provides free access to its industry-leading 3D design, engineering and entertainment software and accompanying curricula though the Autodesk Education Community.

Autodesk TinkerBox allows players to experience the fun and excitement of invention, while gaining confidence in their ability to excel in engineering. To solve the challenging mechanical puzzles and physics problems presented in Autodesk TinkerBox, players insert gadgets, assemble components and test their inventions. Completing each challenge inspires players to create more and increasingly complex innovations. The game's Invent mode enables players to design their own contraptions and share them with friends.

"Students need to be given opportunities to experience success with engineering long before they reach colleges and universities," said Samir Hanna, vice president of Consumer Products at Autodesk. "The Autodesk TinkerBox App shows kids how fun and exciting science and mechanical engineering can be. This game helps combat the idea that science and engineering are 'too hard,' while allowing kids to create some pretty amazing inventions."


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