Three PEGA D&E Products Win iF Design Award for 2011

Three PEGA D&E Products Win iF Design Award for 2011

Taiwan based design consultancy PEGA D&E announced that three of its design works have been awarded a 2011 iF Design Award throughout Packaging Design, Communication Design, and Material Design.

Bloom is a positive result brought on by a series of changes. For the 2010 Taiwan Designer's Week, PEGA D&E developed a series of interactive products to show the Bloom spirit. Different kinds of soft materials were widely applied into the designs to provide unexpected user experiences. The Bloom image was clear throughout the exhibition identity, handouts, gift-away, booth design, and micro-site, inviting visitors to a blooming world.

Tea-giving, also called tea-serving, is a traditional Taiwanese culture which shows people's kindness to someone they don't even know. Tea usually is served in a big pot for climbers to drink for free. This is a way to express warm welcome to strangers and make two people closer. The concept of this tea set package is from the shape of a vintage aluminum tea pot. Giving it to others is just like serving tea for them.

Paper PP Alloy
Paper PP Alloy, a combination of recycled paper and polypropylene (PP) plastics, is an attractive, environmental-friendly material. It has been successfully used in consumer electronic products, providing the same features of ABS plastics. It has high strength and elasticity, and uses the same injection machine and process. Compared to the engineering plastics, Paper PP Alloy is a cost-effective, accessible, and recyclable material with many competitive advantages.


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