jumP's Lofting Cuts Racy Renault Spot for DarkFibre, Publicis London

jumP's Lofting Cuts Racy Renault Spot for DarkFibre, Publicis London

When Publicis London and Stink Director DarkFibre created a spot that combined Renault cars, famous burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, Rihanna, French footballer Thierry Henry, Audrey Hepburn's role in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Marlon Brando's lines from On the Waterfront and David Bowie, they knew there was one edit house that could bring the disparate elements together better than anyone: jumP LA.

Editor Nick Lofting eagerly took on the task of creating Va Va Voom, cutting the famous movie and video clips into a modern-art montage featuring prostrate spectators watching a giant film mounted on the ceiling, a tattoo artist diligently etching a new masterpiece, and Henry peering through a hole sliced into the side of an enormous cube, inside of which Von Teese is slowly peeling away her clothes. A Renault appears at the end of the spot, hanging nose down from the ceiling.

"Nick has a truly unique visual style," remarked DarkFibre Director Marc Hawker. "He is always our first port of call-- a jazz poet, who without fail, cuts us something surprising. At DarkFibre, we shoot like our lives depend on it; Nick cuts that way as well."

Va Va Voom

With this, the sixth collaboration between Nick Lofting and DarkFibre (Marc Hawker and Ishbel Whitaker), they have once again created a unique visual message that cuts through the clutter. "Automotive advertising is the probably the most difficult category to be original in," noted Damon Webster, EP of jumP LA. "Nick's solid relationship with the brilliant Stink directors introduces a level of trust that allows for some truly visionary work; Va Va Voom is a perfect example of how well their partnership works."