T+Co Digital - Trollback and Company Launches Digital Division

T+Co Digital: Trollback + Company Launches Digital Division

Creative Studio Trollback + Company launched its digital division early March to expand its experience design capabilities and provide integrated digital solutions and interactive media for advertising / branding campaigns and public space installations.

Making the decision to expand into digital was strategic yet organic, considering Trollback + Company has worked over the past ten years extensively within the commercial, network and entertainment industries. "Our work has always been about creating experiences," stated Jakob Trollback, Executive Creative Director. "For us, it was natural to venture into more immersive, engaging projects that are both emotional and intellectual."

After a successful run at his award-winning agency, Red Antenna, Digital Creative Director, Stephen Baker joins Trollback + Company to helm the T+Co Digital Division. With a background in both design and programming, Steve has the cross-discipline perspective to develop highly visual interactive experiences. His work with clients such as American Express, Sony, VH1 and Nokia has earned him industry and peer praise. Most recently, Baker played an instrumental role in the programming for a collaborative display in Times Square that invites pedestrians to submit answers and photos via text message. He has also developed interactive works for international museums, commercial and art exhibits in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Antwerp and London.

The T+Co Digital Division now has the capabilities to complement advertising and branding campaigns with digital solutions as well as explore opportunities in exclusive experience design projects. Baker will be collaborating directly with the design team on digital initiatives. "Iʼm looking forward to working with Trollback + Company to enhance the art of moving image and interactive design by combining the strengths of both fields," he commented. "I've admired the quality and aesthetic of their work for years - always inspiring, memorable and bold."

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