Trollbäck+Company Creates Brand Film for Penn State University

Trollbäck+Company Creates Brand Film for Penn State University

Trollbäck+Company, in collaboration with Decoded Advertising, created a brand film for Penn State University to promote the campus, facilities and university ethos.

"With the content Decoded Advertising and Penn State gave us, we created a visual strategic response that demonstrated the path we wanted to take," commented Elliott Chaffer, Executive Creative Director, Trollbäck+Company. "We knew it had to be punchy and vibrant. We brought the video to life by carrying out the editing and working on the typography at the same time, layering the text and music in the brand film and ultimately bringing everything together."

The musically driven and percussive brand film features the Penn State chant which plays out at football games - 'We are Penn State.' The fast-paced film contains many examples of how to animate typography, including repetition of text, as well as words morphing into new words to create an interesting visual hook. Some words move slowly while others shoot across the screen to create impact. Small discovery elements appear throughout the film so that the video can be watched repeatedly, providing the viewer with surprises each time.

"It's complicated to get the pictures, music and words to work together," Chaffer added. "It requires the editor and animator to be in the same headspace and to work closely together, which is a process that we love.

"It's all about the rhythm and pace and how many frames there are. We know younger people are used to reading fast moving text online, and that allowed us to increase the speed of the text on screen in places. We're very flexible about how we work with clients. On this project we were design and production partners which allows us to use our expertise in motion graphics to create a film we were all proud of."

Image: Courtesy of Trollbäck+Company


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