BT Home Hub 3 - Designed by TheAlloy

BT Home Hub 3: Designed by TheAlloy

The new BT Home Hub, designed by TheAlloy, delivers an iconic new design for BT's flagship broadband router with more functionality in a reduced size - saving cost and carbon footprint.

The challenge for TheAlloy was to take the design of BT's market leading home router forward, by taking advantage of new chipset technology delivering a more compact and environmentally friendly form. With sweeping curves, Home Hub 3 delivers improved functionality, at lower cost, yet retains the iconic image of BT's award-winning hub product range.

"BT's Home Hub is one of the company's flagship Broadband products. As technology develops, the design challenge is to deliver a product that people would be proud to display in a smaller and more environmentally effective form factor," commented Gus Desbarats, Chairman of TheAlloy. "Hub 3 develops the 'wave' shape of Hub 2 in a more compact form, sitting at the heart of the digitally connected home."

Despite the smaller form factor, BT Hub 3 offers an incredibly reliable wireless connection, which detects interference and automatically searches for the best wireless channel available. New functionality in the Hub 3 includes a removable key with the wifi security code printed in it, making it simpler for people to quickly connect new devices to the Hub 3.

The successful completion of the BT Home Hub 3 project marks another highlight in the longstanding strategic partnership between BT and TheAlloy. The two companies have worked on projects such as BT's award winning range of phones, BT's market leading baby monitors and the Home Hub 2.