Alloy Unveils Inclusive VR Headset Concept

Alloy Unveils Inclusive VR Headset Concept

Alloy has unveiled its inclusive VR headset concept designed for older generations. COVID has forced the vulnerable into isolation and this project takes a look at how an established technology can help deal with this issue by providing virtual transport to places that may otherwise be difficult for them to access.

Current VR solutions require an understanding of how the technology works, and often require other gateway technologies that a lot of elderly people do not have access to, or want. This makes it very difficult for seniors to adopt VR, despite its proven benefits. The Journey VR offers an entirely stripped back virtual reality experience. Its no-nonsense user experience provides simple and easy-to-understand interactions. Simply insert a cartridge with the place you'd like to see, and off you go.

Journey is designed to be minimal and approachable, helping to reduce any initial intimidation that often comes with learning new and unfamiliar technology. The Journey headset, designed to be worn in a similar way to regular eyeglasses, uses a simple two-button interface to navigate the experience. This enables users to jump straight into the action and get exploring without requiring the steep and often daunting learning curve that other VR products require.

Ensuring that the device can be picked up and used without much instruction is an important part of reducing adoption barriers. Journey features a textured front channel that makes it extremely easy for users to locate the two side buttons whilst they are wearing the headset. This enables them to interact with the environment without much thought. As well as this, the front channel also assists in guiding the cartridge into its slot.

Images: Courtesy of Alloy