CareLogistics and Perkins+Will Partner to Improve Hospital Efficiency

CareLogistics and Perkins+Will Partner to Improve Hospital Efficiency

CareLogistics and Perkins+Will entered a strategic partnership to offer enhanced design solutions that enable hospitals to maximize efficient patient throughput. This new relationship combines Perkins+Will's long established leadership in hospital design with CareLogistics' expertise in advanced care coordination principles that increase total hospital efficiency and capacity. The marriage of hospital design and operation methodologies will play a significant role in CareLogistics' and Perkins+Will's commitment to providing the health care industry with solutions that improve care quality, increase patient flow and reduce the cost of care delivery.

"Design is not only for aesthetic appeal. Just as other industries have learned the importance of designing work space so that operations flow smoothly, hospitals are learning that combining design and operational considerations can support total hospital efficiency, reduced costs and improve quality," said Karl Straub, President of CareLogistics. "With our partners at Perkins+Will, we have taken a giant step towards establishing a new paradigm for the hospital of the future."

Although often overlooked in the rush to implement new technologies or add new capacity, hospital design and its efficient operations are the building blocks for a successful patient encounters. Before a hospital can implement health IT, utilize new diagnostics or add clinicians, the infrastructure must be organized and the care methodologies arranged to support the efficient diagnosis, treatment and discharge of patients. Additionally, research has shown that hospital design plays an important role in clinician satisfaction, management styles and even the ability to control infections.

"It is no secret that the design of a hospital affects patient outcomes. We believe designing hospitals to incorporate advances in operational methodologies is the next step in the future of our profession," said Phil Harrison, President and Chief Executive Officer of Perkins+Will. "Just as we took the initiative to foster a movement in the sustainable design and building of hospitals, we believe designing for operational efficiency will be a major component in what hospitals demand in future designs. In working with CareLogistics, we have found a partner whose exceptional results in delivering total hospital efficiency are unmatched."