Material ConneXion Expands into China

Material ConneXion Expands into China

Material ConneXion unveiled plans to expand its international operations with the launch of 10 locations throughout China by 2017. Material ConneXion's first office in China is scheduled to open in Beijing in October 2011, followed by locations in Shanghai in March 2012 and Guangzhou in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Material ConneXion's move into China is made possible by a strategic partnership with Eegoo Cultural Industry Investment, China's leading cultural and innovative products operator, positioned at the forefront of China's booming cultural creative sector.

"China is a vital and obvious next step for us," said George M. Beylerian, Founder & CEO, Material ConneXion. "We are excited to gain a foothold in this rapidly evolving market and believe that together with our new partner Eegoo, there is tremendous potential for Material ConneXion to help drive innovation in China."

The world's fastest growing economy, China announced in its most recent five-year plan a desire to shift towards designing, developing and manufacturing goods for domestic consumption, rather than just manufacturing foreign-designed products for export. With this in mind, Material ConneXion is positioned to become an engine for modernization among Chinese companies and product developers. Material ConneXion will help spur this development by working with local designers and manufacturers to increase the level of innovation and creativity in Chinese products and services.

"China's cultural and creative industries are at a very exciting turning point right now," said Zhong Cong, CEO of Egoo. "We believe strongly that Material ConneXion's unparalleled materials expertise and global insight will be crucial to helping Chinese creative culture become more competitive and influential in the international market."

In addition to facilitating innovation domestically, Material ConneXion's move into China responds directly to its international clients' ever-growing need for insight into Chinese materials and sourcing.

"Our extensive presence throughout China will dramatically increase our ability to help clients around the world source Chinese materials close to their manufacturing," said Michele Caniato, President. "In such a large and complex market, on the ground insight is essential. We'll be able to provide our clients with the intelligence and support they need to manufacture in the most efficient ways possible."

Material ConneXion's offices in China will offer the same services as its six other global locations: An innovative materials library, consulting services-customized materials research and product development support-and a wide range of public programing, including exhibitions and conferences focused on materials innovation. Material ConneXion's expansion into China comes on the heels of opening its latest global office in Istanbul, Turkey. Headquartered in New York City, the company has additional locations in Milan, Cologne, Bangkok and Daegu, Korea.

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