Material ConneXion to Open Japan Office in October 2013

Material ConneXion to Open Japan Office in October 2013

Material ConneXion will open its 10th international library in Tokyo, Japan. Material ConneXion Tokyo will be licensed to Japanese printing giant, Nissha Printing.

Material ConneXion Tokyo will open its doors in October, 2013 with an initial library of 500 samples and an additional 30-40 new materials each month. The library will offer membership and consulting services to designers from all disciplines with the expert support of its in-house Materials Scientists and specialists.

"Japan is a leader in many fields that are vital for Material ConneXion, such as technology and innovation. As one of the country's preeminent printing houses, Nissha is the ideal partner for us to introduce a library into this booming region," commented Michele Caniato, president of Material ConneXion.

"Their core values, like ours, focus on innovation and advancement. We look forward to working with Japanese firms and professionals involved in all facets of design, be it fashion, automotive, architecture or large consumer product companies."

Over the past three years, Material ConneXion has expanded its reach to Turkey, Korea, China and Sweden, establishing important networks and business relationships that led to the opening of the Japanese branch. As the world's third largest economy, Japan thrives on technology and innovation, making the need for advanced materials important in the nation's development across industries.

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