Design Bites

Design Bites

Design Bites is a new partnership by the the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards and the Royal Institute of British Architects and comprises a series of interesting talks and tours aimed at the general public, linking eating and drinking with cutting edge design.

The UK's interest in food and cookery programs is now established with celebrity chefs being household names; more recently they have been joined by designers and architects via programmes such as Grand Designs.

The Design Bites series will marry these two interests, creating a fascinating series of touring events providing members of the public with an access all areas guided tour of a bar or restaurant (selected from the shortlists of the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards) jointly led by the designer/ architect and the operator / Chef.

Each tour will end with drinks and sample food with a unique chance for attendees to mingle and ask questions.

The panel of speakers will each present their work and approaches to creating environments for people to dine, drink and relax in.

They will also explore the importance of design from high street to high-end and will cover a range of contemporary approaches and innovations in the hospitality industry with case studies of recent examples.

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