Dolcevita - Minimalist, Modern and Elegant Lighting Collection

Dolcevita: Minimalist, Modern and Elegant Lighting Collection

Dolcevita is an exclusive sculpture-object with a minimalist - sinuous, yet uncomplicated - design by Italian architect Giorgio Palermo, using the new generation Solid Surface HI-MACS. This new range of architectural/decorative lighting equipment is the result of cooperation between Palermo and Armida F. (Garden Light Group) a specialist manufacturer of high-end quality products in the sector.

Dolcevita collection is the result of the most meticulous research into new and exclusive materials and the most up-to-date technology with a luxury look, which lead the architect to choose HI-MACS for the structure of the lamps due to its thermoforming extraordinary properties in combination with an innovative lighting system with dual LEDs, as well as more conventional materials such as metal and Swarovski glass.

"We chose the material HI-MACS - mainly 6 mm Alpine White and Toffee Brown shades, due to its thermoforming properties and the homogeneous finish it allows and its mechanic resistance," said Palermo. "Another key aspect was the aim to use an uncommon and innovative - but easy to work - material in lighting design sector. From the technical point of view, the production costs of the stamps were less expensive than the ones commonly used for plastic or metal."

The various types of lamps incorporate different lighting systems, with bulbs that are suited to each individual application. The collection comprises a number of different types of lighting equipment: ceiling lamps, free-standing lamps, table lamps and wall applications.

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