McLaren Mobile Configurator Case - McLaren Supercar Dealers Are Mobilised by Hyphen Design

McLaren Mobile Configurator Case: McLaren Supercar Dealers Are Mobilised by Hyphen Design

Hyphen Design was drafted in by the global brand agency Fitch London to help them design and realise mobile customer configurator kits for the new McLaren MP4-12C supercar.

Utilising carbon fibre (a signature McLaren material), Hyphen Design's unique mobile kits includes a full range of McLaren paint and fabric choices - even down to the colours of the upholstery stitching and brake calipers.

McLaren Mobile Configurator Case 01
McLaren Mobile Configurator Case 02

The kit has been designed to support McLaren's worldwide dealership teams when they visit potential customers, enabling them to individually specify the paint, material, finishes and trim options of their car in the comfort of their own homes.

Fitch developed the concept design of the case with McLaren as part of a larger project to design the dealership experience and communication material.

McLaren Mobile Configurator Case 03
McLaren Mobile Configurator Case 04

Hyphen designed, engineered, sourced and commissioned manufacturing in China and the UK for all components, and assembled and supplied the complete kits direct to McLaren - making a return on the sale of the kits to McLaren rather than being paid design fees. They have shipped 50 mobile sales kits to McLaren dealers around the world so far, and are completing 70 in-house dealer kits.

"Fitch came to us because they knew there were very few firms with the experience and creativity necessary to come up with design and engineering solutions to make the cases work, and manufacture them so quickly, for such a prestigious brand," said Mike Elam, Hyphen Design's managing director.