Brandwidth Makes Waves with F:sh - A Children's Book App for iPad

Brandwidth Makes Waves with F:sh: A Children's Book App for iPad

F:sh is a fun-filled interactive children's book app designed, illustrated and developed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, published by Brandwidth.

F:sh utilises the stunning features of Apple's mobile platform, allowing users to join Plip Jelly, Shella, Greenie, Puffy, Spout and Groober on an underwater adventure that challenges the way we think about a conventional children's book, providing an enjoyable and uninterrupted reading experience for kids of all ages.

"With the amazing levels of interactivity available to publishers, it can be tempting to throw everything at a children's book," said Dean Johnson, Executive Creative Director of Brandwidth. "Our aim was to provide a quality visual reading experience that didn't detract from the narrative. Each fun feature is there for a reason - to enhance the story, not distract from it."


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