Mindseye Lighting Lights Up the League

Mindseye Lighting Lights Up the League

The recently built South Marsh Community Hub, backed by the London Borough of Hackney and the London Development Agency, is intended to increase visitors to Hackney Marshes and to encourage people to keep the famous Marshes as the grass roots of British football.

The architects Stanton Williams had a strong vision for this new build project and were keen to use a lighting design consultant from the outset to enhance the overall effect.

"Mindseye are known for their rigorous approach to architectural lighting design," stated Admir Jukanovic, Mindseye Associate. "Stanton Williams recognised that, through working with Mindseye, they would achieve a scheme where the architectural and lighting concepts were fully integrated."

In keeping with the industrial feel of natural concrete finishes and complementary timber ceilings, Mindseye were asked to provide a cost efficient lighting scheme flexible for sports and leisure use, but which also provided practical lighting levels for educational visits and teaching.

This two storey development comprises a cafe, a spectator's area and community classrooms to the first floor and a large area comprising a series of changing rooms on the ground floor.

Solid concrete and timber ceilings meant no recessed fittings were possible, so trying to achieve a slick looking lighting concept with surface mounted fittings was certainly a challenge for the team at Mindseye.

The budget was also very restricted and some value engineering had to take place throughout the project. Despite this, Mindseye have managed to hold onto the majority of their original design intentions.

"Good design transcends technology and budgets," said Douglas James, Director of Mindseye. "It is possible to achieve great results with simple equipment if you maintain focus on both the overall design and the details."

The result is a world-class community sports facility, sitting comfortably alongside others that are being built at the Olympic Park.

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