Angela Brady Becomes RIBA President

Angela Brady Becomes RIBA President

Angela Brady will become President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the UK body for architecture and the architectural profession tomorrow. Angela takes over the two-year elected presidency from Ruth Reed. Angela is the 74th RIBA President, a position previously held by Sir G. Gilbert Scott and Sir Basil Spence among others; she is the second woman President.

Angela Brady is director of Brady Mallalieu Architects, an award-winning architecture practice specialising in contemporary sustainable design. She holds a number of significant posts including Ambassador for the Government Equality Office, advisor to the British Council, visiting critic and external examiner for a number of UK and Irish universities, and enabler for the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE). Angela has previously served as a member of influential panels including the CABE English Heritage urban panel; as Design Champion for the London Development Agency Board and as Vice-Chair of the Civic Trust Awards.

"I am delighted and honoured to become RIBA President; and to represent an extremely talented and resourceful profession whose work benefits the whole of society. Architecture and the spaces around us have a profound affect on the way we feel and act and how we develop as individuals and as a community," said Angela Brady, RIBA President. "During my term in office I intend to work to increase the understanding that the public and politicians have about the value that well designed buildings bring to peoples lives, and to help bring about the necessary political and education changes to enable the delivery of the best possible built environments.

The economic collapse of recent years has been tumultuous for the whole construction industry, with many architects, amongst so many others, facing under-employment and cancelled projects. As part of our recovery from this situation, the construction industry must work even more collaboratively in order to cut waste and produce better affordable sustainable buildings. The Government can support us by ensuring short-term cost-saving decisions are not taken to the detriment of our longer-term health, education and prosperity.

I am particularly delighted to be in office during 2012 - a time when we will be showcasing some of the very best of British architecture and design talent on a world stage at the London Olympics. As former design champion for the London Development Agency BOARD and daughter of a past Olympic competitor (my Dad competed in 1968 and 1972), I will be honoured to be RIBA President at this time and proud that the UK is delivering fantastic sustainable regeneration that will benefit our country during the Games and for many years to come."


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