Whitegoods Lighting Revives Harrods Refurbishment

Whitegoods Lighting Revives Harrods Refurbishment

"Lighting design in retail is the process of integrating light within the fabric of the architecture," stated LightTecnica and it is for this reason that they chose Whitegoods lighting solutions to enhance the space and ambience of some of the most prestigious areas of Harrods, the iconic London department store.

The Whitegoods family of luminaires delivers the highest quality integrated architectural lighting design: innovative, minimal, practical and functional.

The Harrods Wine store required minimal impact lighting which was provided by the use of CDM Metal halide wall wash luminaires around the perimeter wine shelves and the latest Whitegoods gimbal range of trimless 150 single directional units, combined with 150 round CDM-TC down lights allowed for a flexible lighting strategy on the main floor areas, with additional concealed Cove feature lighting around the escalators.

The combination of the 150mm aperture metal halide down lights and directional down lights in the wine store work congruously and effortlessly together, complemented by the excellent vertical illumination provided by the Whitegoods wall wash unit. Concealed Light Strip Cove lighting further enhances the space with shadow free feature lighting in key areas.

In The International Designer Room, Whitegoods minimal impact, single & double directional gimbals in low voltage halogen & CDM metal halide were used to create a totally flexible retail lighting space. Small trimless halogen down lights were used in the changing rooms.

The Signature Room features a mix of triple gimbal units in black finish. Both LV halogen & CDM Metal halide on the main floor provide subtle yet variable lighting in the space.

Single directional gimbal units in white complement the main lighting in the approaching areas, providing a harmonious lighting solution in the overall space.

Colour coded, triple trimless CDM-TC Metal Halide and LV Linear gimbal clusters in black match the black ceiling. Complementary single units in white were used in the approaches to the main floor.

The Halcyon Art Gallery, situated on the second floor of Harrods, is one of the world's largest art galleries. Covering 5000 sq feet, this Gallery has become a world-class destination for art collectors who are drawn to the inspirational art and its unique location.

Designed by AHMM Architects, with lighting design by Studio ZNA, Whitegoods were specified using their trimless P100LDL continuous linear to create an ethereal glow around the entrance to the door gallery.

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